Thursday, May 28, 2015

New site coming soon & Greek Festival This Weekend!

I had someone come by for a lost cat and I encourage him to use "Nextdoor" application on IOS and Android.  You can also use the normal site Nextdoor.

The new domain coming up will be "FGHOA.COM" that will have forum, classified ads, and events.

Don't forget about the Greek Festival this weekend!
2015 Greek Festival

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Friday, August 15, 2014

Updated Information and Contacting HOA Directly

I recently received a call from a individual asking for Idaho Advantage (our HOA)'s contact information which I didn't have at the time, but only had their web site.

Here are their contact information in case you come across this post.

By Phone : 208-323-1080
Located At: 664 S Rivershore Lane, Suite 152
Eagle, ID 83616
By Email:
My intention was to create a site ( which I started and to be driven by community dialog, ideas and inputs didn't really take off and unfortunately had to stop paying the domain and hosting fees out of my own pocket.

If we do decide to relaunch the site (check status here) we will slowly add necessary information and community driven
apps for us to communicate. In recent events of massive hacking and security vulnerabilities in Wordpress and other major
CMS-like software it was hard to maintain and keep sites updated. Now consolidating our sites and projects we have all
or most of the sites in one place and easier to manage and maintain updates.

Site and information gathering will be conducted by (DDArtPhoto) they will do the hosting and design end of it.
Newsletters and such can also be distributed on-line/pdf or printed cutting the cost by half for full color printing.
We now have a new web site coming soon where people can communicate, share events, and much much more.  It is based on a Open Public - CMS used by Georgia Gov, Fema, DHS as well.

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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Time to VOTE! @ Silver Sage Baptist Church

Time to VOTE! @ Silver Sage Baptist Church.
The lines are a not bad, but here at Banjo & Maple Grove corner @ Silver Sage Baptist Church
today you can go ahead and vote or even register to vote.  Do not forget your ID, but not required
in order to vote if you are registered already.

If you are unsure who to vote for, go here and start reading about your candidates and print
out your ballot and take it with you to vote.

Good luck!

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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Update: If you have space in front of the garage you can park. If you do not have space you are not allowed to park in the alleys. Very few houses have alleys and very few have spaces in front of garage.. - Sent via mobile Android.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Irrigation / Tuesday Off

There is a sign posted that Tuesday 10/12/2010 Irrigation Water
will be turned off for the winter.

Water one last time and see you next year.

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Questions and Suggestions

Call me directly at:

Thursday, October 7, 2010

New - No Parking in Alley Notice

Some of you might have received a notice in the mail not to park on the alley ways, on asphalt.

I know some people park in the alleyway that obstruct the flow of traffic and such but there are houses out there with plenty of space right in front of their garage door.  Now the question is, can we park there and does this apply to the back-street only or including the portion in front of the garage.

Here is a link of the map/area that's in question.
I will confirm it with the HOA and advice to everyone, just keep an eye out for any signs that might be going up very soon and try to stay away from the alley-way.  Let's all have a 'clean your garage-weekend' event and a super-garage sale at the same time and make room for the cars.

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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Welcome to the new site.

I, (Nico) do not have the time to up-keep and maintain the website
running phpBB and avoid all the hacking and spamming.  I figured
if anyone has a yahoo account or google, they can be part of this
"BLOG" and post comments add feedback to issues or concerns.

This is probably the safest way to keep people informed of
meetings and other important issues.

I work 14 hours a day and Fiddler's Glen HOA site
was put on a back-burner. Anyone tech-savvy with bloggin
or keeping this up to date is welcome to take it over or start
a new one, all we have to do is forward the domain to your
longer url.  This can be found two ways.

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